Background CICT

Generally Center of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is central responsible for planning and implementing ICT programs for Universiti Selangor. ICT centers have been established on the primary objective in support of the use of ICT to implement all academic functions and university administration.


Repository is an organization that is based on research and education. To achieve these goals, various infrastructure has been established. This includes the use of computer and its applications as a whole. The use and application of computers used by the ICT Centre is meeting the current and original, while also stressing the ICT Centre to approach shaped open source for every level of use.


Since the first set of end-2002, the ICT Centre has moved structured and planned measures and has now growing rapidly. Started of only 4 people and professional support staff, are now a source of strength human has evolved with a total of 45 staff in the year 2011. Increased human resource obvious is to accommodate demand organizations on the use of information technology at the university level.


In the process of improvement and development, all the challenges and laborious They provide the technology is a great experience. In year 2007 was a very significant year for the ICT Centre. This year ICT Centre has boosted its capacity to meet the maximum level development needs of the University with the implementation of strategic projects as well as changes in administrative management.

Realize UNISEL’s vision through ICT research services with comprehensive and quality.

Improvise ICT managements and services with contemporary technologies to achieve university success.

  • Maintaining computer laboratories and kiosk at UNISEL on every end of semester.


  • Ensure service access Main Server, Web Server and Database reach 90%.


  • Solving inaccessibility network in a work day.


  • Ensure customer satisfaction on ICT services.