Message from CICT Director

Ts. Dr. Wan Azlan Bin Wan Hassan
Director of CICT

Welcome to Center of Information and Communication technology (CICT)!

The university academic and operation management that are supported by number of integrated applications bring up UNISEL to different standard. Our roles to cultivate the innovative working culture by tailoring the digital services from the clients’ demand. We build the ecosystem with our staff-student in developing UNISEL applications and solutions.

The digital operation being the significant criteria in becoming the university of choice. The Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerged as the important competitive technology. We engaged experts and lecturers from different academic background and skills to explore the state-of-the-art technology in building the university strategic solution.

The academic activities as the main functional operation is supported by digital platform where we able to manage thousands of concurrent access. Our data center managed to host daily thousands of users for teaching and learning activities from the virtual learning, examination, and assessment. We managed to host all the applications though our local cloud solution.

Our internet connectivity is covering most of campus premises. UNISEL have more the 1500 WIFI Access Points (APs) to ensure our campus community being connected by 24/7. Our technical support is ready at all time to ensure all this services available for both staff-student.

We dedicate to support contemporary lifestyle to the UNISEL campus community with cutting-edge ICT infrastructure and platform. Our aim to bring UNISEL as the exceptional location in leveraging digital and connectivity services. We build the future ecosystem and people together.