Convocation Meeting Comes with New Organization Chart

The meeting have been held in UNISEL Library Bestari Jaya. the meeting starts with introduction of new deputy director, Fairuz Bin Abdul Rauf who is also one of IT lecturer from UNISEL Bestari Jaya.

The meeting continue with briefing from each ICT department to enhance reputation of department by ICT director, Dr.Wan Azlan Bin Wan Hassan. Every department throw opinions and ideas to make ICT department well known UNISEL in future.

After several discussion have been discussed, the introduction to new organization chart and some exchange staff departments taken place to maintain the reputation existing. Preparation of convocation have been set by director with other staff from certain unit to succeed the convocation ceremony. New system have been introduce for the convocation day. As well as the security system that used for enhancing security inside UNISEL.