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Smart Classroom Setup

19 MAY 2020 UNISEL Shah Alam Campus – Smart Classroom Setup for Faculty Business Administration. #WorkSmarsafe #Covid19 #PKPBrules

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System Meeting Progress

14 MAY 2020 CICT Meeting From Office and Home, Discussion Based on the progress of each job and…


Technical Helpdesk

14 MAY 2020 From Bestari Jaya Campus Progress – CICT Helpdesk and Marketing setup #Covid19#StaySafe#WorkFromHome#ICTcentre#TechnicalUnit


Disconnect Covid-19 Chain


CICT System Meeting

08 MAY 2020 CICT Meeting Through Microsoft Team . Attended by System staff and Lect. FCVAC, it was…


Demonstration Using Microsoft PowerApps

07 MAY 2020 CICT Meeting using Microsoft Team . Attended by CICT staff and vendor Microsoft team, it…


Demonstration Using Laravel

01 MAY 2020 CICT Meeting Through Google Meet . Attended by CICT staff and Laravel Vendors, it was…


Demonstration Using CORRAD

27 APRIL 2020 CICT Meeting using GOOGLE MEET . Attended by CICT staff and Corrad, it was conducted…


CICT Meeting – Progress Work

16 APRIL 2020 CICT Meeting using UNISEL OWC (BigBlueButton). Attended by all CICT staff and it was conducted…

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Data Centre UNISEL

15 APRIL 2020 Data Center by Network TeamDue to the contagion of the covid-19 outbreak, data center is…


System Meeting – New Development

15 APRIL 2020 System meeting using UNISEL Microsoft Team. The meeting was chaired by deputy director Mr. Mohd…


Meeting With ORACLE

5 MARCH 2020 At Bestari Jaya Campus- ORACLE Meeting with vendors at CICT Discussion Room

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Setup Lecture Program

03 MARCH 2020 Shah Alam Campus – Setup for Biotechnology Business lecture program by Professor Emeritus Dato’ Dr.…

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Helpdesk and Records

03 MARCH 2020 Bestari Jaya Campus – Checking the network cable that needs to be replaced at UNISEL…


VDI lab – Marketing Setup

02 March 2020 At Shah Alam Campus – VDI lab setup at level 4 for Marketing


Bernama TV – eWallet Review

01 MARCH 2020 Deputy Director Mr. Mohd Fairuz Abd.Rauf in a commentary review of eWallet on Bernama TV.


Tracking old hardware

20 FEBRUARY 2020 Both Shah Alam and Bestari Jaya campus – Tracking old hardware for new record by…


Asset Management System presentation

06 FEBRUARY 2020 At Shah Alam Campus – Asset Management System presentation by vendor


Customer friendly day and CCTV setting service

03 FEBRUARY 2020 At Bestari Jaya Campus – Setup customer friendly day and setting cctv cable by vendor…


helpdesk and training

30 JANUARY 2020 At Bestari Jaya Campus – helpdesk services and digital signage training from multimedia Units

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Review of 5G on Bernama TV

19 JAN 2020 Deputy Director Mr. Mohd Fairuz Abd.Rauf Bringing the name of CICT UNISEL for the first…


BJ Campus Library – CICT Meeting

17 JAN 2020 Place : Bestari Jaya Library Campus Meetings attended by all CICT Staff. The meeting was…


PC services and helpdesk across the department

6 – 17 JAN 2020 PC services, Maintenance and helpdesk across the department by Infra and Technical Units…


UNISEL 14th Convocation

27 NOV 2019 – 2 DIS 2019 Convocation setup by all staff Progress based on system, technical, audio,…


Maulidur Rasul Ceremony UNISEL Level 1441h

Around 500 contestant from UNISEL’s academic staff and administration with student association joined Maulidur Rasul 1441H parade lead…


Convocation Meeting Comes with New Organization Chart

The meeting have been held in UNISEL Library Bestari Jaya. the meeting starts with introduction of new deputy…


CICT Team Building 2019 at PDS Training Camp, Port Dickson

Date: 30 -31 August 2019Depart: 9.00 am (Bestari Jaya)              10.00 am (Shah…


Meeting with New Director and Handover Job

The meeting have been held at Vice President Meeting Room at UNISEL Shah Alam. The meeting continue with…


UNISEL, NSB Sign Agreement to Increase Understanding of IT

The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) with Balance Niaga Sdn. Bhd (PNSB)…


CICT UNISEL Tender Briefing.

On 6th March 2017, CICT UNISEL had given briefing on ICT Tender. Attended by all company and it was conducted by CICT…


CICT Workshop Office 365

On 22th FEB 2017,  CICT UNISEL has do workshop building on Office 365 and were conducted by Microsoft…


UNISEL Workshop Building Campus Management System (TCMS)

On 17 – 19th JAN 2017,  UNISEL do the first workshop building together with the UTeM. This workshop attend…