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Slide Internet Service Disorder Information 02 SEPTEMBER 2020 Slide General Announcement : CICT 2020 Helpdesk Customer Satisfaction Survey 24 AUGUST 2020 Slide Interference Memo for Internet Services and VPN at BJ Campus
10 AUGUST 2020
Slide Staff Memo : Work on upgrading MAXIS's infra backhaul for Internet access and VPN 10 JUNE 2020 Slide Staff Memo : Information on i-ambilan system 17 APR 2020 Slide Staff Memo : ZOOM Application Usage Issues 07 APR 2020 Slide 30 Mac 2020 Student Memo : Elearning Issue Slide Staff Memo : Permission to Transfer Computer Equipment to Faculty and Department 21 Feb 2020 Slide 19 Feb 2020 Staff Memo : e-Mail Microsoft Office 365 Slide 10 May 2019 Student Memo : e-Mail Microsoft Office 365


Centre for Information, Communication and Technology is responsible for planning and provision of central ICT services in University Selangor (UNISEL) and facilitating the delivery of ICT services across the two University’s Campus.

Centre for Information, Communication and Technology has been established to support the use of ICT in the academic and administrative functions of the university. Its main roles are:


  • Provide infrastructures and facilities to support teaching, learning, research and administration.
  • Develop and maintain a computerized information system in University.
  • Develop and maintain a campus communication network system.
  • Maintaining and repairing the computer equipments and printers.
  • To provide consultancy services in the field of information and communication technology.
  • Help inculcate the use of information technology at the University.
  • Perform other tasks as directed by the University Authorities.

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Transfer Of Technology (TOT)

12 November 2020 11-12 November 2020 – Transfer Of Technology (TOT) Session Online For Human Resource Management System (HRMS) And Financial Management System (FMS


Both Campus 10Nov

10 November 2020 Shah Alam – PAC Server Room maintenance by vendorBestari Jaya – Cabling Network at HR Department


Both Campus Activity and Project

28 October 2020 Shah Alam Campus – Maintenance and Update AP Location Bestari Jaya campus – Nursery process of Turmeric plants by CICT Staff Credits Mr. Noridzwan for the video


Both Campus Project 28Oct

28 October 2020 Project at BJ Campus- Cable setting at HR Department, audio visual event setup, system meeting with rocords Department for myDaftar Project and site visits by VC at CCTv access door.Project at SA Campus – network cable setup at computer lab

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